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WEIFU is specialized in the designing and manufacturing coin control system of payment solutions for vending machine system.WEIFU has a reputation for making coin acceptor , coin payment and vending machine products that deliver consistent, reliable performance year after year.

At WEIFU, we maintain the highest level of quality and service on coin payment products. From local distribution on four continents and through the entire organization - We are committed to providing coin control solutions for our customers, providing maximum performance and profitability for our customers.

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EU1 Series Multi-Coin Acceptor EU2 Series Multi-Coin Acceptor SK Comparable Type Coin Acceptor
HI-09 Multi-Coin Coin Acceptor Vending Machine Management Units
PC Vending Machine Control Box
Vending Machine Management Units Timer Board For Vending Machine
PC Vending Machine Control Box

So whether your application is in coin control system, vending, amusement, kiosks, gaming, internet cafe , retail or transit,, WEIFU has a payment solution specifically designed to meet your requirements both domestically and abroad.

The WEIFU remains committed to providing our customers with innovative payment solutions that are designed to meet their specific application requirements. We maintain our market-leading reputation for superior product quality, and uphold our tradition of providing dependable, accessible product support via our global service network.

WEIFU Products such as comparable coin selector (coin acceptor), multi-coin coin selector ,Muilt Coin Acceptor , coin selectors (coin acceptor), condom vending machine, internet cafe, Kiosks,medecine vending machine ,paper vending machine,washing machine control box and so on.

WEIFU has a series of coin acceptors including EU1 Multi-coin coin acceptors, EU2 Multi-coin coin acceptors, GL-500 Multi-coin coin acceptors, GL-315 Multi-coin coin acceptors, GL-145 Multi-coin coin acceptors, SK Comparable coin acceptors, Single coin coin acceptors. WEIFU also has the ability to provide the OEM coin acceptor for our customers.

WEIFU products also have been widely used in the coffee machine , game machine, water vending machine and so on.

From 2007,WEIFU is proud to announce the release of the new GSM Remote Control units for Vending machine and then can easily remotely monitor the state of a vending machine.Please check the sperate pages for your special application.